Out in Style


Get out in style this autumn with our great range of Pipduck gumboots and rain wear accessories. We have a great selection of ankle, mini and tall rain boots. Shower proof raincoats and waterproof Brody jackets, long and short umbrellas and over a dozen faux fur socks to choose from.

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Music Gumboots

In South Africa, the sound of people dancing in gumboots has been incorporated into a form of semi-traditional popular music, sometimes known as “gumboot music” or “gumboot zydeco” in Africa, or Welly boot dance by people from Britain. The dance began as a form of communication in the late 19th century in the gold mines of South Africa. The miners were forbidden to speak with each other while they worked, and were stripped of the right to wear their tribal garments. They adopted a system of communication using their work attire and native tribal rhythms. The miner uniform included Wellington boots, hard hats, and chains; so the miners used the items of their work uniform to develop a form of communication, for safety, and simply as a form of entertainment. Songs or chants sometimes accompanied these gumboot dances, often with themes of longing or loneliness, and sometimes making fun of their bosses in the songs. The owners of the mines, impressed with this phenomenon, would allow the best gumboot dancers to form troupes and perform. The dances, the uniform, and the rhythms have lived on, from the gold mines in South Africa, in step dance, as well as many other forms of music and dance that use the body to create arrangements of rhythms. Traditional gumboot dances, as well as contemporary versions, can be seen throughout Africa and the United States, though in South Africa gumboot dancing has become something of a tourist attraction, rather than a celebration of liberation under oppression. The 1986 Paul Simon album Graceland contains the song “Gumboots”. This song, like much of the album, was recorded in South Africa.


In 1974 Scottish comedian Billy Connolly adopted a comical ode to the boot called “The Welly Boot Song” as his theme tune, and it became one of his best-known songs. In 1976, satirist John Clarke’s alter ego Fred Dagg reworked Connolly’s song as “If It Weren’t for your Gumboots”, and created a hit. Wellies have also been used by the band, Gaelic Storm, in their fifth full album, “Bring Yer Wellies”, and in the song “Kelly’s Wellies” on the same album.

Between 1994 and 1996, BBC1 created several series of William’s Wish Wellingtons, about a boy named William whose magical red Wellington Boots could grant him wishes.

Danish band Alphabeat’s 2007 album Alphabeat contains a song called “Rubber Boots/Mackintosh”.

In the song “Springtime”, Spinal Tap tires of spring, and they want drizzle, sleet, and “Wellies on my feet”.

In the United Kingdom, there is a light-hearted sport, known as wellie wanging, which involves throwing Wellington boots as far as possible.

All Weather Gumboots

hunter mini

The humble All Weather Gumboots had royal beginnings, or at least aristocratic ones. The first Wellington boot was in fact designed by the Duke of Wellington in the early 19th century. It seems the Duke did not like Hessian boots available at the time so he made some out of soft calfskin leather, to fit

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Cherry Red

Cherry Red

Kembla Cherry Red Rain Boots This season’s Kembla Cherry Red Rain Boots can be worn on all occasions. The sophisticated look will combine with your attire beautifully. 100% Waterproof Patterned Upper Contrast Colour sole http://pipduck.co.uk/shop/kembla-cherry-red-rain-boots/

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Brody and Shower Proof Rain Coats

Hibiscus coat

Brody and Shower Proof Rain Coats We have a selection of rain coats, the Brody and the lightweight Shower Proof jacket. http://pipduck.co.uk/product-category/products/rain-coats/ The Brody Featuring a fabulously waterproof upper to protect you from the elements. • The gorgeous design boasts a detachable hood, offering complete versatility. • Tailored panels paired with the swing cut design to flatter your

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Faux Fur Fox on Argyle

Fox Argle

Faux fur was first introduced in 1929 and has been commercially available since the 1950s, but its increasing popularity has been credited to its animal-friendly alternative to traditional fur clothing. Faux Fur Fox on Argyle These luxuriously stylish high quality Faux Fur Fox on Argyle socks will keep you warm and snug, whilst giving your boots a gorgeous new look! We

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Order by Phone


We try to make ordering as easy as possible, use our site to view stock and buy your chosen products. We are always able to deal with you over the telephone and hope you are able to contact us regards your queries. We have rain wear accessories, socks, umbrellas coats and of course rain boots.

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Ilse Matt Black Rain Boots

Ilse Matt Black

The must have accessory for any festival going ladies.  These matt finish rain boots offer a lacing system for easy fit, which is ideal for ladies with a wider calf.  The deep lugs on the sole provide great grip in adverse weather conditions. These rain boots are 100% natural rubber, fully cotton lined with a

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Blk Stomper

Black Stomper Rain Boots This season’s Black Stomper Rain Boots are very comfortable and give a little lift to the petite lady who wants a little extra height. 100% waterproof these matt finish rain boots have a lacing system to provide a good fit around the leg and are easy to clean. With stitching around the

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Mini or Tall ?

Peta Blk Shine Fold

Mini or Tall? One part of choosing the right boot is do you want to have a tall full length boot or the mini style? In this post we have chosen one from both styles. Are you a mini or tall? MINI Sully Mini Rain Boots They are all about looking the part but still staying

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